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Why choose ceramic brake pads

As an important part of the brake system of the car, the brake pad plays an important role in the braking process of the car. The quality of the brake pad directly affects your safety, so how important it is to choose a good brake pad. It not only protects your life but also reassures your family. I believe many riders have heard that there is a kind of ceramic brake pads, which are mainly used in high-performance cars. Let's take a look at the brake pads.

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For ordinary consumers, it is difficult to make a correct judgment because there is not enough professional knowledge. At present, there are many manufacturers of brake pads on the market, and the quality is also uneven, which increases the difficulty of selection. Generally speaking, when consumers choose brake pads, they will unconsciously think that the original products are good quality products. This is because consumers cannot correctly judge the pros and cons of the products, and instead believe the third-party certification of auto manufacturers. However, consumers do not know that car manufacturer in the purchase of accessories for cost considerations, and will not choose a good product but choose enough products. This is also the reason why there are many modified parts of the market. Therefore, the original supporting parts are completely sufficient during normal driving, but when some unexpected situations are encountered, it is difficult to play their due role. Obviously, when braking on the highway and braking when going downhill continuously, the braking performance will drop sharply or even the brakes will be absent.

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Ceramic brake pad

Here is a brief introduction to the history of brake pads.

With the development of the automotive industry and the improvement of the level of technology, the brake pads have also developed rapidly with the speed of the car and its own weight. Throughout the history of the development of automotive brake pads, the process of wood, asbestos materials, semi-metal materials, fewer metal materials, ceramic materials.

Wood and asbestos materials have been eliminated due to low-temperature resistance or harmful dust.

At present, the brake pads on the market basically (including the original accessories) are brake pads of semi-metal and fewer metal materials. These materials are relatively low in temperature resistance, easy to rust, the substrate is relatively hard, and it is easy to break the brake disc. The sound, poor comfort and other reasons have gradually been abandoned by high-end cars.

The brake pad of ceramic material was born at the end of the last century. Its main features are a strong braking force, high-temperature resistance, good thermal stability, small dual wear, and performance, and its performance is much better than ordinary brake pads. Originally used in the field of racing because of the high cost. With the deepening of R&D by brake pad manufacturers, the cost has gradually decreased, and it has been adopted by some foreign high-end cars.

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Here's what is a ceramic brake pad

Many consumers initially mistakenly think of ceramics. In fact, ceramic brake pads are based on the principle of cermet rather than non-cermet. When the brake pads are braked at high speed, high temperature is generated on the friction surface. According to the measurement, it can reach 800. ~900 degrees, and some even higher. At this high temperature, a similar reaction occurs in the cermet sintering on the surface of the brake pad, so that the brake pad has good stability at this temperature. However, the conventional brake pad does not produce a sintering reaction at this temperature. Due to the sharp rise of the surface temperature, the surface material melts and even generates an air cushion, which causes the performance of the brakes in the above-mentioned continuous brakes to be drastically reduced or the brakes are completely lost. Happening. Ceramic brake pads originated from F1 motorsports, and F1 motorsports are a race in the state of car recording. Generally speaking, when driving in a straight line, everyone's engine displacement is the same, the output power is similar, it is difficult to overtake. The best way to surpass the opponent is to delay the brake before entering the corner so that you can defeat the opponent in the fierce confrontation. But if the brakes are not good, then the car is bound to rush out of the track. Therefore, the brake pads originating from motorsport must have the characteristics of short braking distance, high-temperature resistance and wear resistance.

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